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Updated May 2024


Watch the MiBirth study grow as more participants join the study!

Published May 2024

The miBirth team presents preliminary results!

The miBirth team joined the British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Annual Conference in Liverpool and proudly presented some of the study’s preliminary results.

The comfort of our participants is always top priority and our results show exactly that:


  • 91% of women told us they found their scan comfortable or very comfortable.

  • 14% of women felt comfortable enough to fall asleep during their scan.


Thank you to all our participating mothers and babies!

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Happy New Year!

Published January 2024

The MiBirth Study has got off to a flying start!



So far, we have scanned 15 amazing women, who have been kind enough to take part in our study to improve birth outcomes. We have had 5 miBirth babies arrive, who have all contributed to science before they were even born. 

Thank you so much to the women who have participated so far! We couldn’t do it without you. If you would like to participate, please get in touch here .


Our very first participant had this to say about our study:

"For me it was great to be part of the research so I could do my bit to contribute.’

‘I think everything was amazing!"

Participant experience

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