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MiBirth MRI fetus 3D model

3D model of the fetus, cord and placenta from an antenatal MRI

Structural information

We can take detailed images to measure the size and position of the fetus (even when it's moving), the mother's pelvis and the placenta 

MiBirth MRI fetus

Umbilical cord assessment 

We are able to assess the health of the umbilical cord, coloured red in the image below) which carries vital nutrients and oxygen to the fetus from the placenta (coloured purple).  

MiBirth MRI fetus and placenta

Functional information 

We can obtain data about the levels of oxygen within the placenta which are then supplied to the fetus. The placenta in the image below shows different levels of oxygen, seen as altered colours from purple (lower oxygen)  to yellow (higher oxygen).  


Models of the fetal head and maternal pelvis 

For a successful labour and birth the baby's head must line up and pass through the mother's pelvis. Sometimes the fetal head my be too large or not lined up appropriately and the labour may be slow or 'obstructed". An emergency caesarean section  (EmCS) may then be required. We can produce 3 D models of the fetus in the pelvis to see how the fetus fits in the pelvis. 

MiBirth MRI 3D model fetus in pelvis
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